Filling packages, packaging bags

Packing bag with an imagePacking bag - indented sealingPacking bag with side foldsPacking bag without foldsPacking bag in rollPacking bag without or with pattern
Packing bag with an image
Packing bag - indented sealing
Packing bag with side folds
Packing bag without folds
Packing bag in roll
Packing bag without or with pattern

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Polyethylene:LDPE, MDPE, HDPE
Dimensions20*25 - 40*50 cm
Thickness50 - 150 μm
Inner foldto order
Film colorto order
Print1 - 6 colors
Production:up to 14 days
Prices are low:quality is high

Special features:

 - increased capacity due to bottom or side folds
 - a perfect bag for:
  •  bulk materials;
  •  bakery products;
  •  freezing of poultry and food.
  • Wholesale packaging materials: favorable price, prompt production

           Packaging is the product face and at the same time the brightest component of the brand's image. The marketing research results have shown that it is the attractive wrapper the buyer chooses and buys, not the product wrapped in it. Therefore, branded filling packages have a huge impact on product perception and can ensure increased sales. Or, on the contrary, they can reduce the product value in the eyes of the consumer if the packaging looks inconspicuous and unseemly.

           «MPAK» branded filling bags will help you to attract the attention of the buyer, to distinguish the product on the shelf from competitors' products, to establish communication with the consumer.

           Our plant accepts individual orders for the production of filling packages made of polyethylene (PE) and polypropylene (PP) with flexoprinted corporate identity. We make packages in sizes from 20*25 cm to 40*80 cm from transparent, white and colored films for food and non-food products. You can also buy filling bags for silk-screen printing (activated). 

    Where and why are packaging bags used

           Packaging functions in many completely different ways. Therefore, it is widely used in trade and in a variety of production areas.

    Basic packaging functions are:

    1. Advertising, product presentation

           “Self-selling” is perfect at attracting the attention of the consumer and can become your effective economic weapon, which will bring victory in marketing battles with competitors.

    2. Creating the most comfortable conditions for the buyer

           People are much more willing to buy cereals and pasta already packed in bags, than in bulk, which you have to weigh on your own.

    3. Increased shelf life

           This is especially important for bakery products that quickly stale, fresh meat that requires certain storage conditions, frozen vegetables and fruits that need a special temperature regime.

    Bread bag

    4. Compliance with sanitary standards

    Ready-made products like cookies, waffles, gingerbread, rolls, bread no one subjects at home to heat treatment. Therefore, it is necessary to put them on supermarket shelves packed. After all, buyers are well aware that someone could touch these gingerbread before them with dirty hands, sneeze or cough on them. It is not surprising that many people disdain to purchase unpacked bakery or confectionery products, nuts, and dried fruits. And they certainly won't give them to their children.

    5. Communication

    Communication functions include delivering the following information to the consumer:

    • manufacturer and place of manufacture (it is important to indicate that your products are manufactured in Ukraine - now many people prefer domestic products);
    • name;
    • product ingredients;
    • shelf life;
    • storage conditions;
    • recycling options (bio and eco are fashion trends that the consumer loves);
    • further use options, etc.
    Polypropylene or polyethylene filling packages are cheap and understandable advertising medium that surpasses advertising on billboards, portable media, on transport, in press and on television in terms of efficiency.

    Standard sizes, cm
    Big packing bags with logo
    Medium packing bags with an image
    Small packing bags with logo

    Important characteristics: understanding the details

           «MPAK» packaging manufacturer offers packages of excellent quality for packing any product. We offer a brief overview of the characteristics that will help you make a choice. 

    Manufacturing material

    • HDPE – rough, matte polyethylene, rustles when creased and reminds of wrapping paper. A very durable and cheap material that can withstand a lot of weight, but is not suitable for packing items with sharp edges and corners.
    • LDPE - elastic polyethylene with a slight sheen. Ideal for printing, as the colors on it, due to the structure, appear brighter and more vibrant.
    • MDPE (МDPE) - a mixture of HDPE and LDPE, which allows you to combine strength and high carrying capacity in one material with elasticity and ability to stretch without punctures and tears.


           We have launched the production of filling packages of all popular sizes: 20x25, 20x30, 30x40, 30x50, 40x50 cm. We can also make products according to individual parameters. You can order small and large packing, cut into packs or coiled in rolls with seal and company logo.

    Food and non-food

           You can buy bags of different types from us for food, household, construction and any other goods. 

           Polyethylene and polypropylene products can be made to order: 

    • packaging for bread and rolls, baked goods;
    • packaging for poultry meat (including frozen).

           Filling bags for cereals and pasta, frozen semi-finished products, animal feed, laundry detergent, fertilizers, soil or building mixtures, cat litters, etc.

    Strengths worth special attention

           Consumer “buys with his eyes”, therefore high-quality packaging will add value and significance to your product (even if it belongs to category of cheap consumer goods) and will motivate him to buy. It has been proven that out of two packs of regular crackers or biscuits, a person will choose a more attractive one, for example, one that has a trigger that whets the appetite or causes nostalgia for the “taste of childhood”. Therefore, you must always remember about the advertising component, which forms the image of the product itself and the manufacturing company.

    Custom products

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    Serial products

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    Let's see into the manufacturer's workshop

           Our plant is a full-cycle production, in which packaging goes through all stages: from polyethylene pellets to colorful and spectacular bags with advertising of the brand and the product itself. We have our own film extruders, package making machines, flexoprinting machines. Therefore, we strictly control the entire process, we make packages for food products only from raw materials that are safe for human health, and we use safe and durable inks.

           You can order packaging without printing or with flexoprinting from us. We also produce activated polyethylene (coronary charged) for silk-screen printing, polyethylene for full-color photo printing.

    5 reasons why you should contact us

    1. We are a manufacturer with our own production facilities and equipment. Therefore, our products have low production costs and cheap wholesale prices.
    2. We control all stages of production and guarantee high quality, we have no defects.
    3. We have a large assortment of standard products, from which you can easily select the appropriate packaging. We also make packages to order according to sketches and according to the size of the customer.
    4. Our plant is located in Ukraine, we are happy to support domestic producers and offer favorable terms of cooperation, we always me cater to the needs of the client.
    5. We have free delivery to Kyiv, Dnipro, Kharkiv, Odesa, Lviv and other cities.

    Looking forward to your orders. We will be happy to provide professional assistance!     

    If you have any questions, you can contact our managers