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Films and roll packaging with an image
Sleeve with internal folds

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Polyethylene:LDPE, MDPE, HDPE
Width:up to 200 cm.
Thickness:15 - 200 μm
Film color:to order
Print type:1 - 6 colors
Production:up to 14 days
Prices are low:quality is high

Film and roll packaging with logo applied

       Transparent, black, colored, with a pattern and branding - these are varieties of polyethylene film, so familiar to all of us. It is used in everyday life, in trade, in food industry, agriculture, in construction, in many production areas.

       Cross-functional polyethylene film can solve any problem: increase shelf life of products, keep the freshness of bakery products, conveniently pack cargo for transportation, protect products from moisture and dust, etc.

       «MPAK» is a Ukrainian manufacturer of high-quality branded roll packaging. In our own plant, we manufacture more than 10 types of products of this type. You can buy all types of our films inexpensively wholesale delivered all over Ukraine.

Film in rol MPAK


       Polyethylene packaging film is used in food industry, in trade, in any production, where any product, blanks or semi-finished products are packed or packaged before shipment.

«MPAK» manufactures packaging materials from:

1. Fresh raw materials

  • LDPE - elastic, transparent, smooth, designed for packaging of any food and non-food products, including those of an irregular geometric shape or bulging corners. LDPE does not tear, stretches well, is translucent, makes packaged product aesthetically attractive, preserves and protects it from moisture, dust, dirt.
  • HDPE - matte, with a characteristic rustling. HDPE is more suitable for packing bulk goods of large volume, the appearance of which does not need to be shown to the buyer (litter or animal feedstuff, fertilizers, dry mortars, etc.).

2. Recycled materials

       Dense polyethylene for packs, bulky goods. This is a household non-food biodegradable polymer film that can be used for packaging drinks, cardboard boxes and crates, goods on pallets, etc. Its advantage is low price and strength.

We make custom-made polyethylene of different types:

  • sheet - roll packaging for packing;
  • sleeve – a “tube” to be further cut, on which a picture, information about the product, your advertisement can be applied;
  • half-sleeve - a rolled sheet folded in half, which can be called a sleeve with one fold and a cut along the second.

Packaging film MPAK


       This polyethylene film is used for construction, renovation, restoration work. We manufacture it primarily from recycled materials to keep material costs as low as possible without compromising quality. It is not inferior to the primary one by all characteristics, except that it is not intended for direct contact with food products.

You can order from us polyethylene for:

  • floor, roof, foundation waterproofing;
  • vapor barrier;
  • pipeline thermal insulation;
  • painting works (covering), etc.


       Easily resize when heated, thanks to which take the shape of a product. Made on an extruder from high and low pressure thermopolymers, including recycled materials.

       On our company’s website, you can buy a transparent technical shrink film for packaging of carbonated drinks, ketchups, sauces, canned food and any other products in packs. To your order, we can produce a sheet, a sleeve or a half-sleeve with pattern.

       «MPAK» offers industrial shrink polyethylene for packaging of construction materials, fertilizers and any other bulky goods on pallets, trays.

Shrink film MPAK


       We produce packages of various sizes in rolls for agricultural needs, farms, growing plants and protecting plantings from pests.

Agricultural polyethylene film is used for:

  • planting in a perforated sheet (for mulching, mainly black);
  • arrangement of compost pits;
  • storage of hay and silage;
  • protecting plant root system from pests;
  • landscape design;
  • weed control, etc.

       In recent years, rolled cellophane has become simply irreplaceable in agriculture. When mulching, it perfectly protects plants, retains moisture in soil and does not allow it to dry out, saves from weeds and reduces labor costs for weeding and harvesting, does not rot or rot like organic mulch, prevents from pests. It is much easier and faster to pick berries from bushes that lie neatly on the stretched material. They do not get dirty, do not mix with the ground, do not rot. Farmers say this planting method increases yields by 3-7 times!

Agricultural film MPAK


       We have launched the production of polyethylene film for the construction of grow rooms and greenhouses with a thickness of 100 microns, 150 microns, 200 microns. Dense and strong polyethylene perfectly transmits ultraviolet light, maintains optimal temperature and humidity in the greenhouse, protects plants from wind and pests.

       You can order polyethylene from us for the construction of arched, double slope, single-slope, tunnel, wall, freestanding grow rooms, greenhouses for early forcing of seedlings. Due to additions, it does not break, does not lose light transmission capacities, and is suitable for repeated use.

Greenhouse film MPAK


       Application area of composite polyethylene films is practically unlimited. This is a multi-layer material, each layer of which can have different additives to lend certain properties.

«MPAK» will manufacture to your order a multi-layer polyethylene with:

  • anti-fog agents against fogging and condensation;
  • antistatic agents against dust;
  • light stabilizers to increase color fastness, protection from chemicals, drying out and destructive effect of ultraviolet radiation;
  • UV absorbents to absorb ultraviolet radiation;
  • multi-light additives to convert the UV spectrum of radiation into visible light, which is better perceived by plants, etc.

       Multilayer polyethylene can be used for surface and interlayer flexoprinting (the ink is under protective layer and does not wipe off). Such packaging is suitable for packing food products (semi-finished products, cookies, seasonings, spices, pasta, etc.), any goods. As the result, you get a perfect protective packaging for every type of product.

Stretch material

       Elastic stretch is a very strong “one-type-fits-all” material that stretches well and is tear and puncture resistant. It is equally good for both manual and automatic wrapping machines using special equipment - a palletizer.

This type of polyethylene provides:

  • hermetic packaging of products of any size and shape with reliable protection against soaking and contamination;
  • compactness during transportation and storage due to contraction (especially of such bulky goods as pillows, blankets, mattresses);
  • protection of cargo from spilling;
  • simple and convenient consolidation of orders and joint cargo;
  • protection against loss and theft, etc.

       Need to ensure safety of goods during transportation? Reduce the volume of textiles and save storage space? Pack the goods securely so that they do not spill during loading/unloading? Stretch material will help you to cope with any of these tasks.

Stretch material MPAK

Benefits of cooperation and working conditions

       MPAK is a manufacturer of high-quality goods that manufactures and sells in Ukraine various types of roll packaging for food and non-food industries, construction, agriculture and agriculture, trade, logistics, etc.

       We have our own production facilities, equipment for extrusion of polyethylene from raw materials, production of films and packages, flexoprinting.

       Large assortment, low wholesale prices, desire to develop Ukrainian production, readiness for new partnerships and interest in satisfying individual requirements of each customer - we work for the client.

       We ship products with postal carriers to Kyiv, Dnipro, Kharkiv, Odesa, Lviv, to any other locations in Ukraine.

We will be happy to answer all your questions and discuss cooperation terms. Call us, we are always ready to be contacted!

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