Our products

       MPAK is a Ukrainian manufacturer of plastic bags for packaging goods at production site, for branded stores, for supermarkets, for advertising, and for domestic consumer household needs. Here you can buy plastic bags in bulk, order design development and flexoprinting. Tailored custom manufacturing of packages is the best solution for branding products and taking care of convenience of your customers. Such advertising enhances sales, attracts new customers and creates conditions for the success of a brand or store.

Production of bags with a cut handle MPAK

Types and purpose of packaging

       MPAK produces more than ten varieties of packaging to address each customer's any task:
  • plastic bags with logo - the most effective advertising container. Increases brand awareness, positively affects customer loyalty. Need a flamboyant professional design and an original solution? Order bags in bulk from manufacturer for effective marketing and business development;
  • T-shirt bag - a very solid and convenient type of bags, which got their name due to characteristic type of handles. Most frequently used in stores. Thin transparent t-shirt bags without logo are most convenient containers for fruits, vegetables, meat products in self-service departments. And at checkout counters in all supermarkets, customers are offered t-shirt bags with logo. They perfectly cope with their task: they are good for a large amount of items, can withstand up to 20 kg, advertise a retail outlet (the effect is comparable to the inscription “I love ..." or “I use“).
We manufacture custom-made t-shirt bags of the following sizes: 20*35 to 45*75 cm (with picture, logo), from 22*36 to 50*100 cm (with no picture).

T-shirt package production of MPAK

  • with a die cut handle - banana bags named after the oval shape of handles. Most popular are bags with a die cut handle with logo (available from 20*30 to 74*55 cm in size). Due to rectangular shape, they do not crinkle and do not hide part of the picture, they look very distinguished. Suitable for advertising campaigns, election campaigning, gift wrapping, for branded shoe, cosmetics, clothing stores, etc.
  • bag with a loop handle from 20*30 to 74*50 cm in size - has a rectangular shape, a bottom fold to increase capacity (optional) and a characteristic loop shaped handle. Was recognized by marketers as one of the best advertising container, because it is made of smooth dense LDPE plastic and can be used many times (can withstand more than a month of intense use).
  • packing bag of 20*25 to 40*50 cm in size - is used for packing bread, frozen vegetables, semi-finished products, confectionery, etc. This ingenious invention of mankind extends the shelf life of products, keeps them fresh, makes products as safe as possible for consumer, helps manufacturer and seller to comply with hygiene standards.
  • rolled plastic films for packaging. We produce custom-made film up to 1 m wide, apply any pattern, product name, storage conditions, company logo, etc.
  • garbage bags up to 300*500 cm in size - designed for collection and removal of food waste, household, construction, industrial waste;
  • plastic biodegradable bags - eco-products that allow you to comfortably exist near nature and not pollute the environment. In 2-3 years, a degradable bio-bag turns into biomass and disappears without a trace (the usual one remains in the ground for up to 200 years). The only restriction concerns storage of the bag itself - it must be kept in sealed packaging.
  • packaging plastic bags up to 300*500 cm - suitable for packing of bulk goods and product packaging (animal feed, building mixtures, fertilizers, washing powder, etc.)

       MPAK is a Ukrainian production of bags with logo, the quality of which meets European standards. Our company works for the convenience of customers, increasing the competitiveness and quality of Ukrainian food, cosmetics, pet products and other packaged products.