Die cut handle packages

Die cut handle packages with full color printingBag with a die cut handles with botton foldBags with a die cut handles witn upperBags with a die cut reinforced handlesBags with a die cut reinforced handles without patternBags with a die cut reinforced handles without folds
Die cut handle packages with full color printing
Bag with a die cut handles with botton fold
Bags with a die cut handles witn upper
Bags with a die cut reinforced handles
Bags with a die cut reinforced handles without pattern
Bags with a die cut reinforced handles without folds

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Polyethylene:LDPE, MDPE, HDPE
Dimensions:20*30 - 74*55 cm
Bag bottom:1 - 10 cm.
Thickness:50 - 120 μm
Film color:to order
Print type:1 - 6 colors, 6+6
Production:up to 14 days
Prices are low:quality is high

Special features:

- increase in load capacity due to strengthened handle and top cuff;
- large capacity due to bottom fold;
- retains shape at reusable use;
- when applying client's logo – a good advertising vehicle.

Die cut handle package - effective tool for brand advertising

       Colorful branded die cut handle packages occupy a special place in the segment of promotional and souvenir products. They do not wrinkle when carried and do not distort the inscription or pattern, have a convenient rectangular shape with a large field for drawing a pattern, a strong handle and a strong bottom.

       For these qualities, they are loved by marketers, advertisers and consumers.

       By the way, it got its tasty fruit name for the oval shape of the cut handle. It truly resembles this tropical fruit. And the banana type thanks to someone’s good graces has become the same professional slang term as T-shirt bag or loop bag.

       Our company at its own plant makes branded die cut handle packages with logo from HDPE, LDPE, МDPE and biodegradable polyethylene. You can order packages of small and large sizes from us, with branded symbols applied by flexoprinting method, packages for silk-screen printing.

Note: need for reinforcement handles, bottom folds to increase internal space to be stipulated additionally.

What are the parameters to choose a D-cut bag


       The manufacturer MPAK offers die cut handle packages in sizes: 20*30, 30*40, 40*50, 50*60, 74*55 cm or made in individual parameters. You can buy in bulk or order D-cut bag for packing miniature jewelry boxes or oversized mailings.

Film thickness in die-cut packages

       Products are made from 50 to 120 microns thick film. In the standard version, the larger the volume, the thicker the film. However, it is possible to make custom-made small or medium-sized packages of dense material (for example, for packing auto parts, tools or sanitary ware).

Manufacturing of die cut handle packages

       Packages are made from HDPE, LDPE and MDPE polyethylene. Low pressure polyethylene - slightly rustling, high-tensile. High-pressure polyethylene is elastic and soft, with a shiny “waxed” surface, on which the print appears more colorful. Medium pressure polyethylene - a mixture of LDPE and HDPE. Biopackages with cut handle are now very popular with consumers.

Additional parameters

       To increase the volume and carrying capacity, you can order D-cut bag with bottom fold, top collar, reinforced handles.

Pattern application

       We apply pattern using flexoprinting (1-6 colors, 6+6), including photoprinting. It is a high quality raster print that gives rich, vivid, full color images with eye catching gloss.

Sample package with printed cut handle

Package with printed cut handle MPAK

Production of die cut handle packages

       In the production of die cut handle packages (D-cut packages), high quality LDPE polyethylene is mainly used. Pellets are loaded into extruder hopper together with improvers. Next, the sleeve is blown out and logo is applied to it using flexography. Machine cuts handles in the package and welds reinforcement to them for strength.

       Our plant produces transparent, white, colored MPAK packages with photoprinting of various types and sizes. We have our own full-cycle production, which allows us to independently make plastic film from raw materials and make packaging from it. We use safe materials and dyes, control quality at every stage, always comply with contract terms, do not let customers down and do not disregard deadlines.

       We have extruder, package-making and printing workshops, our own shops for equipment repair and upgrade. Thanks to this integrated approach, our products have low cost and favorable cheap selling prices. After all, you buy bags in bulk from manufacturer and do not pay for services of intermediaries.

What are the benefits of D-cut bag

  • reusable, long life;
  • strength, high carrying capacity;
  • spaciousness;
  • aesthetics, presentable appearance;
  • functionality;
  • low cost when ordered in bulk from manufacturer.

Standard sizes, cm.
Big package die-cut hudle with logo
Medium package die-cut hudle with an image
Small package die-cut hudle with flexoprinting

How to use D cut bag with logo


       They are excellent branded advertising media. Moreover, D cut package is so cross-functional and versatile that it is good for advertising food products, any companies and organizations, retail chains, banks, dating agencies or real estate agencies.

       Give your customers a die cut handle package with logo – he will become your walking advertisement, which thousands of potential customers will see!

POS materials

       P.O.S MATERIALS (POINT OF SALES MATERIALS) – these are products with company logo or product advertisement used directly at the point of sale to attract the attention of customers and increase brand awareness. These include stickers, promotional stands, advertising pillars, light boxes, hard posters, plastic bags and other BLT products.

       Your product is unremarkable or not that impressive? Have many competitors? Order printing on D cut packages and use them to increase sales!


       This is one of the most effective types of marketing, the so-called going to the people (such events are always held with personal contact between promoters and consumers at points of sale, exhibitions, etc.). Promotion acquaints buyer with the product or service and motivates him to buy with the help of an offer that one cannot refuse (a 50% discount on the second unit of the product, buy one and get the second as a gift, etc.).

       Practically a prerequisite for a promotion is distribution of promotional and souvenir products: bags with logo and advertising, notebooks or, say, umbrellas. 

Print placement examples 

Package die-cut hudle flexoprinting center
Package die-cut hudle flexoprinting to handles
Package die-cut hudle flexoprinting full

Carrying containers

       In store, in pharmacy, in shipping company post office, buyer or client must be offered packaging, containers to carry purchased or received goods. The ideal option is a branded polyethylene package with die cut handle.

       People usually use dense, high-quality and beautiful MPAK D cut bags more than once. That is, all this time your advertisement will “walk” around the city and attract the attention of potential customers!

Corporate gift wrapping

       Traditionally, before holidays, company's employees, clients and partners are given small presents: food sets, sweets, alcoholic drinks, and memorable gifts.

       Order in advance beautiful cut handle packages with logo and themed image to fold gifts in them. Such festive packaging will be an effective advertisement for your company!

Custom products
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Banan package with production logo


Frequently asked questions about cut handle packages

What are the deadlines to make the entire run of cut handle packages

The deadline to make the entire run is 14 calendar days after partial prepayment and approval of layout for printing. Depending on client wishes and production workload, deadlines can be additionally agreed upon.

Is it possible to deliver finished products to my warehouse?

Delivery is possible both to the door of your warehouse and to transport company warehouse. The final decision is up to your. For most orders, we have a free delivery - depending on the run.

Does the price of D cut bag change depending on change in run?

Product price decreases with increased run and vice versa. Our managers can offer you prices for minimum and optimal batch of products, the final choice is up to you.

What is the minimum run of die cut handle packages batch?

Minimum run is calculated for each client individually and depends on film thickness and product size. Run can be from 5,000 pieces on average.

If you have any questions, you can contact our managers