T-shirt package without pattern

T-shirt bag without an imageT-shirt bag without pattern with side foldsT-shirt bag with 2 color stripesT-shirt bag without pattern in roll
T-shirt bag without an image
T-shirt bag without pattern with side folds
T-shirt bag with 2 color stripes
T-shirt bag without pattern in roll

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Polyethylene:HDPE, LDPE, MDPE
Dimensions22*36 - 50*100 cm
Inner fold6 - 14 cm.
Thickness50 - 60 μm
Film colorto order
Production:up to 14 days
Prices are low:quality is high

Special features:

- high load capacity with small film thickness;
- increase in capacity due to side folds.

T-shirt bag without pattern

       Polyethylene T-shirt package without pattern is a cross-functional packaging for food products, household goods, textiles, shoes and any other oversized items that need to be stored, carried or transported.

       MPAK manufactures and sells at low prices durable and comfortable packages of various sizes, packed in packs or coiled in rolls of 100 pieces per pack. You can buy conventional white or colored T-shirt package without pattern from HDPE, LDPE, MDPE from us. We also take individual orders for production of T-shirt bag without pattern of irregular shapes, reinforced, biodegradable, etc.

T-shirt bag – cheap and convenient

       Polyethylene T-shirt bag is a rectangular package with handles. It got its name for external similarity with popular item of clothing of the same name.

       A distinctive feature of these packaging products is side folds that increase the volume, and wide one-piece handles, both of which provide strength and convenience. They successfully serve not only to carry content, but also play the role of a sort of “ties”. Therefore, the “T-shirty”, as it is affectionately called, is hugely popular in retail outlets both among buyers and sellers..

Characteristics and their influence on consumer properties

       The Ukrainian manufacturer offers wholesale transparent, white and colored T-shirt bags of various types and sizes. To make it easier for you to choose and place an order, we list the main differences on which the properties of packaging depend.

Type of material used in T-shirt bags without pattern

  • HDPE – rustling packages with significant carrying capacity. They almost do not stretch, can withstand a very large weight, but are easily pierced by any sharp objects and tear at the puncture site.
  • LDPE – elastic and soft packages that stretch well and take the shape of the contents (up to reasonable limits). They have a lower carrying capacity than HDPE, but they do not tear at the corners of cardboard boxes, are not pierced by plastic packaging of products.
  • МDPE – a successful symbiosis of the first two options, which has intermediate properties (fairly elastic and quite durable).

Product size

Our plant produces packages ranging in size from 22*36 cm to 45*75 cm. We make to order a T-shirt without pattern of any non-standard size, including with flexoprinting patterns.

    Standard sizes, cm.
    Big T-shirt bag without logo
    Medium T-shirt bag without an image
    Small T-shirt bag without logo

    Production stages of MPAK T-shirt bags: plant mini-tour

           Our plant produces packages by extrusion method. All types of primary raw materials are used for production: HDPE, LDPE, MDPE. The technology involves several stages: preparation and heating of pellets to a viscous-flow state, forcing elastic mass through molding hole, inflating film sleeve with air to give certain sizes and form folds (side folds).

           Further, using a package-making machine this “endless” sleeve is turned into a finished bag, which is packed in packages or coiled into rolls.

           For biodegradable packages, we add degradants to pellets. Thanks to these oxo-biodegradable additives, “eternal” polyethylene, which pollutes river banks, oceans and soil, turns into an eco-material. If ordinary cellophane can lie in the ground for more than 200 years, then bio decomposes completely in 2-3 years.


    Many options for using a good old T-shirt

           Polyethylene white T-shirt bag without pattern 22*​​43, 25*45, etc. in size is a cross-functional packaging that is widely used in markets, at home, at work, in stores. It can be found in confectionery, vegetable, meat and fish departments, grocery stores. Customers love to put cereals, pasta, cookies, sweets, fish and meat into a durable and convenient bag.

           Even a small package can easily withstand several kilograms of potatoes or apples, you can put nuts or dried fruits into it, tie your handles and carry your purchases home without being afraid of spilling the contents.

           Large T-shirt bags 27*45, 30*50, 36*55, 40*60 in size are usually offered to customers in supermarkets and markets to bring purchases home. You can put food, vegetables, household goods or building materials in them.

           Polyethylene 50 microns thick T-shirt bags can withstand up to 18 kg. Thanks to such a carrying capacity, they can be used for delivery of products in bulk by courier service, for transportation of small mail items, etc. 

    Custom products

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    Serial products

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    What are the benefits of T-shirt bags

           High quality durable and comfortable T-shirts are cheap. And since supermarkets and sellers in markets have long been providing buyers with bags for packing small goods for free, the price is of great importance (despite the fact that the product price always includes the packaging).

           Another important point: the average life of a typical store package is several hours. Therefore, customers do not want to purchase expensive durable bags with reinforced handles or bright patterns at the checkout. And a T-shirt bag is a perfect option and the most successful marketing solution. In this case, the seller shows his concern for the buyer while obtaining a free advertising carrier (provided that a custom-made logo is applied).

    Packaging from manufacturer in Ukraine: wholesale prices and cooperation without intermediaries 

           «MPAK» is a trade mark under which we produce films and packaging in Ukraine. Since we make polyethylene, we make packages from it, apply patterns and even repair equipment ourselves, we offer products at low wholesale prices with delivery throughout Ukraine.

           Our company ships at its own expense products to the cities of Dnipro, Kyiv, Odesa, Kharkiv, Lviv, etc. Free delivery is not the only benefit of cooperating with us.

           Call right now - we will be happy to offer you the most favorable conditions!

    If you have any questions, you can contact our managers