How to select a print color for pattern?

       One of the key conditions for satisfaction with the order of packages with corporate symbols is the optimal choice of color shade. Our company uses Pantone Solid Coated classification, allowing you to choose the most successful shade. 

       This color palette is used worldwide for printing various types of products with mixed or process inks with the definition of the desired tone by a unique alphanumeric designation. 

       Each shade is a combination of other colors, and each of shades has percentage indication of blue, purple, yellow and black colors, which are considered basic and are designated as CMYK.

Individual approach to the choice of shade

  1. At the disposal of customers is a virtual color catalog, with which you can quickly and easily find the perfect option for printing. Important points to know when choosing colors:Layouts are presented in variations for glossy paper (coated), which are indicated by the letter C at the end, and for a matte surface (uncoated), marked with the letter U.
  2. Before the final decision you should is to compare several options and make sure that the inscription and the main tone will look harmonious.
  3. Metal and fluorescent varieties look very impressive.
  4. The color displayed on the site on the finished product may slightly vary, since the screens have different display settings, as well as due to the difference in the perception of shades on the surface of the monitor, paper or fabric.
  5. Focus not only on fashion trends, but also on the general color scheme of corporate style elements, and also take into account the purpose of products with printed logos.
  6. For convenience, all positions are divided by the dominant color, for example, yellow, blue, red, green tones, etc. are shown separately.

        Thanks to the Pantone Solid Coated online layout, you can visually evaluate a lot of options without long explanations to the manager what the desired shade should be - just name the identifier of the color on the table you are interested in. Once the decision is made, contact us to discuss the details of the order, and we will execute it as soon as possible using high-quality materials and coloring ingredients so that you are 100% satisfied with both the functionality and aesthetic properties of the products with the logo.