T-shirt bags with logo

T-shirt bags with an imageT-shirt bag with customer's logoT-shirt bag - serialT-shirt bag with folds
T-shirt bags with an image
T-shirt bag with customer's logo
T-shirt bag - serial
T-shirt bag with folds

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Polyethylene:HDPE, MDPE, LDPE
Dimensions:20*35 - 45*75 cm
Inner fold:6 - 12 cm
Thickness:50 - 60 μm
Film color:to order
Print:1 - 6 colors
Production:up to 14 days
Prices are low:quality is high

Special features:

- high load capacity with small film thickness;
- increase in capacity due to lateral folds;
- good advertising vehicle when applying customer’s logo.

T-shirt bags – the best choice for brand promotion

       Package T-shirt bag – the most popular type of polyethylene products. It is produced mainly from high quality HDPE polyethylene with the use of improving additives. The main stages of production are: film is inflated on extruder in the form of a sleeve with double-sided side folds, corona charged to improve print quality using flexography, handles are cut by package making machine.

       T-shirt bags can be ordered from plant with branding and design. MPAK manufactures -T-shirt bags of various types and sizes: branded with flexoprinting, silk-screen printing, biopackages. You can buy in bulk from us tight packages of large sizes for supermarkets or small sizes for promotions, pharmacies, stores. All products are of high quality and cheap at the same time, because we are the manufacturer.

Products can be ordered in the following sizes:

Production taking into account individual options is possible.

Transparent T-shirt package with logo

Transparent package T-shirt with logo

Characteristics of printed T-shirt bag


       Our plant has launched the production of T-shirt bags in sizes from 20x35 to 45x75 cm. Large ones are suitable for bulk purchases in supermarket or on the market. Small ones are designed for packing food, underwear, jewelry, etc. 

           You can select and order MPAK packages with a thickness of 50 microns. The greater the estimated maximum weight of your product, the thicker the film from which they are made should be. This means that it's not just size that matters. A stronger container is needed to sell stone or metal products than corn sticks or paper napkins.

    Manufacturing material

    • HDPE - hard and dense low pressure polyethylene, from which T-shirt bag is most often made;
    • LDPE - soft and flexible high pressure polyethylene, used mainly for D cut bags and loop bags;
    • МDPE - a mixture of HDPE and LDPE, which makes it possible to obtain polyethylene with the characteristics of both types of raw materials.


           Manufacture of T-shirt bags from white, colored and transparent polyethylene is available. The color is discussed with customer individually.


           We can print a pattern of any complexity. It will exactly match the sketch or naturally copy the photographic image. You can order full-color photo printing (up to 6 colors) or logo and inscription printing from us. The fill can be applied both to the entire field, and to some individual parts (for example, a colored logo in the middle, company name and phone number at the top or bottom of the field).

           We apply printing using flexography method. It is much cheaper and more efficient than silk-screen printing, and print speed is faster.

    Standard sizes, cm.
    Big T-shirt bags with logo
    Medium T-shirt bags with an image
    Small T-shirt bags with flexoprinting

    T-shirt bag production technology

           The technology of manufacturing T-shirt bags with logo consists of: polyethylene film production by extrusion in the form of a sleeve with parallel activation of the film using corona charge, flexoprinting of pattern and logo on the film surface, cutting handles in the printed sleeve to obtain ready-made packages.


    T-shirt bag manufacturing technology includes the following stages:

    1. Loading pelletized polyethylene and various additives (stabilizers, modifiers, dyes, optical brighteners) into extruder hopper.
    2. Stirring and heating the mixture to t 200°C, which results in a homogeneous mass, which turns into a viscous-flow state.
    3. Extruding the mass through molding hole of the extruder and blowing up the resulting sleeve with simultaneous laying of side folds (folds to increase the volume of finished product). Winding sleeves into bobbins.
    4. Feeding of bobbins to flexographic machines to apply pattern using a cliché.
    5. The final stage of production takes place on package-making machines. They cut blanks to size, the bottom and handles.                     

           By the way, production of plastic bags is much less harmful to the environment than production of paper ones. Paper production involves barbaric deforestation, large volume of consumed water and energy resources consumed, toxic waste eventually poured into rivers. Environmentalists say that this is the destruction of nature, not its protection.

           Therefore, we just need to address the problem of polyethylene recycling, but not abandon its use. And our production is actively introducing various eco technologies: recycles used polyethylene for further production, produces biodegradable T-shirt bags.

    Print placement examples 
    Package t-shirt bags flexoprinting center
    Package t-shirt bags flexoprinting to handles

    Benefits of T-shirt bag

    • strength;
    • low price;
    • spaciousness;
    • large field for advertising;
    • durability, reusability;
    • large carrying capacity (a package made of dense film can withstand up to 15-20 kg);
    • conveniency form factor that allows packing items of any size, including large boxes, due to side folds;
    • possibility of ordering in packs and in rolls (if you are going to put bags or hang them on the racks in the checkout area, then use the first option; if the sales area of ​​your store is equipped with roll holders, then the second option is preferable).

    Color bags printed t-shirt

    Color packages printed t-shirt

    Why ordering T-shirt bags with logo

           Comfortable and strong, they are very popular with consumers. And printing on T-shirt bags makes them one of the most affordable and effective advertising media for brands, companies, retail and pharmacy chains.

    Marketers recommend using them for the following purposes:
    1. Consumer packaging (individual packaging) in supermarket with outlet advertising. It is a durable, spacious bag with handles that shoppers use to store their purchases and take them home from store. It allows consumer not to carry a string bag or canvas bag, as was customary before, but to make purchases spontaneously, at any time, not to think “Where am I going to put all this and how to carry it home” (that is, not limit the amount and volume of purchased goods).
    2. Containers with brand identity for bakery, sausages, dairy products. Most consumers buy fresh bread, yogurt, kefir or sausages every day on their way home (that is, along the way), without having a carry bag with them. Bakery, dairy, sausage shop trademark on a bag in this case informs those around that “I love and I choose the products of this manufacturer”.
    3. Branded packaging for pizza, fast food, sushi and any other ready-made meals that the customer takes home from outlet to work, takes with him on the road.
    4. Packaging for medicines in pharmacy. In this case, it is worth ordering a print with logo, a help desk phone number and other information that may be useful to buyer if he wants to re-order.
           Using a T-shirt bag with pattern is as win-win situation: consumer gets convenient container, seller of bags or print customer gets cheap “walking” advertising medium.

    Custom products

    Metro new Велика кишеня new Пакко new Епіцентр new Fozzy new
    Еко маркет new Рукавичка new Таврия В new Копійка  Обжора
    Вопак new WV new Fine food Барвінок aro
    Поляна Totti DЦ Секунда new Blasercafe
    Живчик Vitol Сигарный дом Фортуна Dominos pizza new Sunsilk
    Хлібна сльоза Discovery Horeca Stakan West line
    АИС 75B 1 Фундуклеївський Bosch  559 пошук ліків
    АЛАН Країна Здоров'я  Киевхлеб Thomas ОАО ДХЗ
    Lita ENOC Зодчий Idea shop Al Capone
    Полісся продукт Fissman Густо маркет Печиво Дома Vicks
    Vianor Зоряний Забіяка Сотка bps
    Гастроном Привокзальний real Партнер Дарниця ТНК Точка
    Базис Торговий комплекс Петрівка Сам прийшов ДАР Катран
    SEA  Інделіка Crystal glasses Fresh market Зоря Інгулу
    Соллі плюс Decathlon Hammer Toyota
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    Serial products

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    How to start cooperation with us and place an order

    1. You can contact us in any convenient way: by phone, by feedback form on the website, by e-mail.
    2. We work all over Ukraine, so your place of residence and your business location does not matter.
    3. After receiving order parameters (size, film thickness, color, printing area, batch size, etc.), we will calculate its cost and discuss the conditions with you.
    4. It takes up to 14 calendar days to produce a batch of products.
    5. Free delivery to Kyiv, Dnipro, Kharkiv, Odesa, Lviv and any other city.
    6. We can ship your orders to carrier's warehouse or deliver directly to your store, to base, to head office.

    We will be happy to see you among our satisfied customers!


    T-shirt with logo

    Frequently asked questions about T-shirt bags

    What are the deadlines to make a batch of T-shirt bags with logo?

    The real deadlines to make the entire batch are 14 calendar days after partial prepayment and approval of layout for printing. Deadlines can be adjusted at the request of client and in view of current production workload.

    Is it possible to deliver products to my warehouse?

    We can offer any delivery methods: directly to the door of warehouse, to transportation company branch, or in any way convenient for you. For numerous orders, delivery is free, it all depends on the run.

    Does the price of T-shirt bag change depending on change in run?

    With increased run, product price decreases and vice versa. We can offer you a cost for a minimum and optimal run, then the choice is up to you.

    What is the minimum run of batch of T-shirt bags with logo?

    Minimum run is calculated individually depending on finished product size and film thickness. The run can be from 5,000 pieces on average.

    If you have any questions, you can contact our managers