Production of packages and packaging in Ukraine

       MPAK is a Ukrainian manufacturer of plastic and biodegradable packages that uses the latest technologies and engineering developments. We cooperate with supermarkets and shops, manufacturers of food and household goods, representatives of the world's leading brands of clothing and footwear in Ukraine .

       Manufacture of packages involves the following main types of products: T-shirt bag with logo, die cut handle package (D cut bag) and package with loop handle (loop bag). Production of colored or transparent biodegradable eco packages.

       We also produce custom-made packaging for bread, semi-finished products, poultry meat, other food products, disposable polyethylene gloves, bags.

       In polymer industry, polyethylene package manufacturers use three main types of raw materials: HDPE (low pressure) –matte and rustling film (tough and durable). LDPE (high pressure)  – smooth with gloss and more elastic, MDPE (middle pressure) – a mix of two previous types of raw materials by Marlex, Liten, Tipolen, Dow, Borealis etc. We also produce popular starch packages.

       We will help you develop a design with corporate identity or logo, choose most suitable material, make polyethylene packages with pattern using flexoprinting or silkcreen.

Advantages of cooperation

The best prices: with high quality packages
Free layout: follow-up revision
Packages delivery: at the expense of manufacturer
Short making time: up to 14 days
Circulations: from small to large
Discount system
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Product range

    The plant for the production of plastic bags under the brand MPAK offers the following types of products:

How to order?

If the design of the future print is not ready, our experts will help you to develop it.
To do this, you need only to provide the logo or branding of supermarket, store.  
The final cost is formed taking into account specified parameters, including thickness, size and number of colors of the printed pattern, circulation.
To start cooperation, you need to fulfill three conditions only: determine initial data of product, sign a contract, make a partial prepayment.

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Our works

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             You should buy plastic bags for several reasons: 
                Versatility apart from its direct purpose, this type of packaging is an excellent information carrier. 
                Price the main advantage of this type of packaging material.
It is much cheaper to order plastic bags than to produce their expensive paper alternative. 
                Quality products are long-wearing, durable. They are unresponsive to adverse effects of moisture.
Moreover, the packaging material can be used repeatedly. 
                Efficiency an increase in the efficiency of applied logos, images, slogans is achieved due to long service life. 

              The products of the plant are made of smooth LDPE polyethylene or rustling HDPE (high or low density, respectively). To improve polymer performance, we use special additives, biodegradable substances, dyes and paints of the required color.

Packing bags in bulk

The key specialization of our company is individual orders.

     Thanks to many years of successful business experience, we absolutely deservedly rank among the industry leaders in Ukraine.
     Every year we try to reach a new level, improving strength of products, expanding the range of shades, sizes and shapes.
     Printing of patterns is characterized by clear lines and bright colors.
The excellent fine line drawing of simple and complex prints is the merit of modern flexographic machines. The color range is unusually extensive from 1 to 6 primary colors. Logos are designed according to customer wishes, so finished product is distinguished by individuality.
         MPAK does not stop at what has been achieved and is constantly improving: we buy new equipment, work out unique techniques.  

Thanks to use of high-tech equipment an excellent balance of quality and price is achieved. The model range of standard options is constantly updated in our assortment The successful combination of colors and high performance properties made our products quite popular in Kyiv, Kharkiv, Odesa, Dnipro, Lviv, Lutsk and other cities of the country.

MPAK products are a worthy addition to your brand or organization.