MPAK: Unique packaging of goods with the customer's logo

Branded bags and packaging with logo to promote your business

Package making workshop Our company produces branded bags with logo, packaging, film and other popular domestic and household goods made of polyethylene under «MPAK» trademark

Mission, goals, values and strategy of our company

       «MPAK» is one of the leading manufacturers of logo packages in Ukraine. As we develop, we constantly revise our goals, set ourselves more complex tasks. However, the mission and values that inspire us remain the same.


       We see our mission in manufacture of products for development of business and promotion of brands of our clients on the market, as well as in providing consumer with necessary household packages that improve life, create comfort, save time.


       Our main goals are: development of production in Ukraine and meeting urgent needs of the modern generation without prejudice to future generations and the environment.


  1. Orientation to customer requests and maintaining an open partnership dialogue. We work for every client and need you no less than you need us. Therefore, respect, decency, reliability, attention to each customer are our top priorities.
  2. Responsibility for nature and ecology. We are actively introducing new technologies and have launched the production of biodegradable packaging that does not harm the environment.
  3. Sustainable development. We have already achieved a lot, but we have ambitious plans for the future. We work to do more for you and become better for you.
  4. Business social responsibility. We participate in community projects, conduct legitimate business, and comply with labor and tax laws. Only production can raise the country's economy and ensure the future of our children.


       Our own full-cycle production, where all stages of technological process take place, allowed us to take a leading position among packaging manufacturers in Ukraine. Thanks to this approach, we can offer you beneficial cooperation and guarantee consistently high-quality products.

Our product assortment

We produce goods for consumers and help businesses to promote their brand, increase sales, make business efficient and profitable.

You can order production of packages of different types from us:

  • polyethylene T-shirt bags, D cut bags, loop bags to be sold through trade networks;
  • branded packages for advertising or promotions, presentations, participation in exhibitions;
  • biodegradable packages to support the global conservation movement and further attract customers;
  • garbage bags;
  • all types of plastic packaging with corporate design;
  • roll packaging with and without printing;
  • film for construction, agricultural, etc.;
  • polyethylene liners, bags of any size;
  • disposable polyethylene gloves for customers and your employees;
  • disposable polyethylene shoe covers.

       It is known that the population of our planet uses 10 million plastic bags per minute, and up to 5 trillion per year. Packaging significantly increases shelf life of a product, making it considered a revolutionary breakthrough for the food industry. For each advertising or PR campaign, marketers recommend ordering packages with logo.

       Need non-standard products that are missing from our assortment? Call us or write! We will fulfill an order of any complexity, cope with a large volume and meet the agreed deadline.

Benefits of cooperating with our company

       Since our plant is a full-cycle production, we can offer you more favorable terms of cooperation than other manufacturers of packages.

Low product prices

       We independently produce film, make branded packages from it with flexoprinting, upgrade production, improve technologies and repair equipment. Our products has no surcharges or markups of other manufacturers, which allows us to reduce the cost and make it more affordable. You pay only for production of packages, and do not pay for services of numerous suppliers and intermediaries.

High quality guaranteed

       We adjust characteristics of finished product at the planning level, control each stage of technological process, and, if necessary, make changes to it. It is faster, cheaper and more reliable than making a special order for a client who needs a product with certain characteristics, transferring this order to supplier of materials, adjusting a set of particular parameters.

Own research and developments

       By changing composition of ingredients of the mixture for final product manufacture, you can obtain polyethylene of a higher quality with a minimum difference in the cost of finished product. As a result, our clients get packaging and printing on packages, the quality of which is much higher than the price.


       We plan deadlines of batch production, taking into account the fact that we ourselves will carry out the entire technological process. Therefore, we do not have inconsistencies and force majeure, due to which wrong material available in stock can be used, or product characteristics must be sacrificed to meet the deadline.

Exclusive offers

       We develop a layout for free, we can make 1 cliché as a gift, we ourselves pay for delivery of plastic packages to customers in Kyiv, Dnipro, Lviv, Kharkiv, Odesa and other cities. We have a flexible system of discounts that allows you to pay less and get more.

Broad experience

       Our clients are both small and medium businesses, as well as the largest companies Intertop, Ecco, Geox, Marc O'Polo, Skechers, Samsung, LC Waikiki, Decathlon, Rukavychka, Fayno Market, Obolon plant and many others. Therefore, we quickly navigate market situation and can meet requirements of any customer.

Awards and prizes

       Our company has repeatedly taken the 1st place in the National Business Rating of Ukraine among economic enterprises and received the honorary title Leader of the Year. And our employees have many personal awards for high professionalism and achievements in the field of production development..

History of our company

       The idea of ​​founding a plant for production of plastic bags and packaging came not incidentally. Our leadership stood at the origins of development of this industry in Ukraine. Therefore, when the opportunity arose to open our own business, there was no doubt - we will do what we can do professionally and efficiently.

       By that time, we already had had the backbone of the team, desire to work and develop, experience of doing business in Ukraine. We purchased equipment and started working. However, soon we had to modernize our workshops on our own, develop new technologies and improve technological processes, because the packaging industry was developing rapidly in those years.

       Thanks to enthusiasm of our employees and experience of managers, we could enter the market with a demanded product, offer customers favorable terms of cooperation and find regular customers. We live with their problems, sincerely rejoice at their success, wish them development and prosperity with all our hearts.Film extruder

Throughout the history of the company, the quality of products has been repeatedly recognized by awards Industry Leader and Enterprise of the Year, and one of its leaders - Petrovskyi G. V. — by national certificates Leader of the Year in Ukraine, medals For High Professionalism, Respect of Ukraine, Industry Professional, III Degree Star of the Ukrainian Economy, Professional Glory of Ukraine, Order of Business Glory and many more, which can be found in the "Awards" section. 

       It is noteworthy that Gennadii Petrovskyi began his career in 2000 as a warehouseman, and then as a warehouse manager.

       Further steps of his career ladder were the positions of wholesale department manager and head of sales department. Since 2008, Petrovskyi G. V. has been the company’s director.

       Long-term experience of the company's successful activity in the Ukrainian market confirms the need for constant improvement. Development of our own unique technologies, equipment of production with new machinery helps not only to keep up with the times, but also to stay ahead of them, meeting the ever higher requirements of customers. The company's objectives also include constant expansion of production capacities, updating the range of standard products and color combinations, as well as improving the performance of the company's products.

We work in the Business to business (B2B) format, which literally means “business for business”.

We work for you!  

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