Plastic sacks

Bags with printing imageSack with side foldsSack without foldsSack with or without pattern
Bags with printing image
Sack with side folds
Sack without folds
Sack with or without pattern

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Polyethylene:HDPE, LDPE, MDPE
Dimensions:before 200*200 cm
Thickness:50 - 200 μm
Film color:to order
Print:1 - 6 colors, 6+6
Production:up to 14 days
Prices are low:quality is high
Types of films:single, two, three layer

Special features:
 - increased capacity due to bottom or side folds
 - great bag for:
  •  bulk materials;
  •  animal food;
  •  animal hygienic fillers;
  •  household chemicals, etc.
  • Polyethylene bags for storage and packaging of bulk products

           High-quality polyethylene bags are cross-functional containers for packing bulk products and a packaging material for any goods and products. «MPAK» manufactures products at the plant using new technologies and offers high-quality branded polyethylene bags of various types and sizes, with logo or pattern, plain white without printing or transparent.

    Polyethylene sacks


           Large polyethylene packaging bags are used for packing, transportation, storage of goods and products in various industries and production.

    You can buy wholesale food and non-food bags liners from us for:

    • packing of bulk food products: cereals, pasta, spices, food additives, etc.;
    • packaging of fresh vegetables and fruits: carrots, apples, potatoes, beets;
    • packing of frozen products and semi-finished products: vegetable mixes, berries, seafood;
    • growing mushrooms;
    • packing of dry animal feedstuff and litters;
    • collection and removal of garbage;
    • packing of fertilizers;
    • for building mixtures, sand;
    • liners for making compost in barrels;
    • polyethylene liners for pickling vegetables in barrels;
    • bags for packaging of pellets;
    • bags for storing wheels, etc.
    You can order bags with logo, brand identity, graphics or flexographic printing. We also make wholesale custom-made white and transparent packages for silk-screen printing. 

    Basic characteristics

           Due to their unique properties, packages can be used to solve any problem. They have the following characteristics:


    Can bear heavy weight, stretch moderately, do not tear. You can order plastic bags, dense and thin, made from one-, two- and three-layer films. If you focus on lifting capacity, we recommend ordering HDPE packages. More dense LDPE is strong, it practically does not stretch.


    Protect the contents from dampness and moisture penetration, preserve goods during transportation and storage in difficult conditions.


    The ability to moderately stretch due to the use of LDPE. Bags made of high-density polyethylene (LDPE) are suitable for packaging any product, since they cannot be pierced by sharp corners of the contents.


    Sizes of packages manufactured by MPAK (from 60*70 to 300*500 cm) allow you to store, transport and pack any quantity of products, including bulky goods and large volumes of viscous or bulk products.

    Standard sizes, cm.
    Big bags with logo
    Medium bags with an image
    Small bag with logo


           We have launched in-line production of polyethylene bags, which, thanks to their excellent quality, successfully solve any problem of our clients.

    Benefits of «MPAK» products:

    • high carrying capacity;
    • aesthetic appeal (bright colors and effective printing on bags with logo);
    • any size and capacity;
    • moisture protection of contents;
    • UV protection of packaged products;
    • compliance with environmental standards.

    You can buy inexpensive branded polyethylene bags with logo or pattern from us.

    Pellet bags

    Production process, types of raw materials used

           «MPAK» is a Ukrainian manufacturer with a full cycle production. First, we use the extrusion method to produce a film from raw materials, which we later use to produce packages. We use two technologies: cast extrusion and blown sleeve extrusion.

           Thanks to the state of the art equipment and quality raw materials, we produce quality plastic packages.

    We use three types of raw materials:

    • LDPE – strong elastic polyethylene, tear and puncture resistant;
    • HDPE - does not deform, practically does not stretch, withstands heavy loads, but is easily pierced;
    • MDPE - medium density polyethylene, which has a certain degree of elasticity and has a good load capacity.

    Custom products

    упаковка для теплолита
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    Biodegradable bag production

           We make eco-friendly products - biodegradable bags. They do not pollute the environment and are suitable for disposal of all types of waste. Eco-friendly bio packages under the influence of moisture, atmospheric air and UV radiation completely decompose within a few years. Therefore, they do not harm nature.

           Currently, we use polyethylene for production with oxo-biodegradable additives (degradants), which decomposes in nature in 1-3 years (depending on conditions).

           In the nearest future, we plan to launch the production of organic eco-bags in Ukraine from natural compostable hydraulic materials (corn and potato starch). They decompose in 1-2 months and fertilize soils, that is, is a renewable resource.

    Why cooperating with us is profitable

    1. Our production is based in Ukraine.
    2. We use high-tech modern equipment and inexpensive raw materials.
    3. We offer low prices, no markups or surcharges. You do not pay our costs and transportation, but order products at the manufacturer's price, that is, “first hand”, without intermediaries.
    4. We offer free delivery to all locations of Ukraine - Kyiv, Dnipro, Kharkiv, Odesa, Lviv and others.
    We always solve the client's problem, offer the best conditions and comply with the delivery time.

    If you have any questions, you can contact our managers