Benefits of cooperating with us:

1. Quality guarantee
The company's leadership in the national business rating confirms consistently high level of quality of our products.

2. Confidence in choice
We work better than others, develop faster than competitors, have higher economic indicators.

3. Business development
Working with us, you use effective marketing and always are ahead of the competition.

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Personal awards of our employees

       Much credit for our achievements belongs to one of the enterprise leaders, Hennadii Petrovskyi. His track record lists many awards and certificates, which confirm the high professionalism and excellent organizational skills of a talented person.

       G. V. Petrovskyi is a living legend. He has come a long way from a simple warehouseman to the director of a large plant. We are proud that our company has such a person among its workers, whose lead we all can follow, whom we can look up to, from whom we can learn.

Petrovskyi G. V.
Work at the manufacturing enterprise 

2000 - 2003: Storekeeper Warehouses: finished products, inventory.
2003:   Warehouse Manager Warehouses: finished products, operational, inventory, spare parts.
2003 - 2004:  Manager Wholesale Department: Eastern and Southern regions of Ukraine. 
2004 - 2008:  Head of Sales Department Departments: wholesale and retail sales, customized products. 
since 2008:   Director Team of 150 people. 

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