Garbage bags

Garbage bags with an imageGarbage bag in roll
Garbage bags with an image
Garbage bag in roll

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Polyethylene:HDPE, LDPE, MDPE
Dimensions before 200*200 cm
Thickness50 - 200 μm
Film colorto order
Print type1 - 6 colors
Production:up to 14 days
Prices are low:quality is high

Special features:

- increased capacity due to lateral folds;
- applying the client's logo improves brand awareness.

Custom-made garbage packages

       One of the main areas of «MPAK» line of production is the production of garbage bags. You can buy standard household and construction packages for garbage from 60*70 cm to 90*150 cm in size. Volume: 30 liters, 60, 120, 240.

       Our garbage bag manufacturing plant is a full cycle production. We process polymer raw materials, use the extrusion method to produce polyethylene (HDPE, LDPE), and then make custom-made garbage packages from it. With technology and quality control met at each stage, we guarantee the absence of defects and compliance with the declared parameters (film thickness, sizes, strength, etc.), taking into account permissible deviations.

Garbage bags MPAK


       A polyethylene garbage bag is a bag for collecting and storing waste to be disposed. It is waterproof (does not allow water, oil, liquid flowing from food waste to leak through), reliably protects a bucket from pollution, helps to spend less time on household chores (it is very convenient to discard accumulated waste along the way when you leave home).

       Ukrainian garbage bags producers try to satisfy all customer needs and offer small bags for office bins, medium ones for household needs and solid waste collection, large ones for bulky construction waste and large volumes of industrial waste.

The main differences between waste bags and other types: 

  • rectangular shape;
  • no handles;
  • low price;
  • “loop-ties” for ease of tightening (optional).

Standard sizes, cm
Big garbage bag with logo
Medium garbage bags with an image
Small garbage bags with logo

Product varieties

       We offer garbage bags made in Ukraine in various colors: black, blue, pink, etc. For home use and collection of solid waste, it is better to choose bags made of light-proof black polyethylene. And for office trash bins more suitable are colored packages with corporate identity, with a company’s or firm’s logo.

       Our garbage bag production is tailored to the needs of all consumers. For home and office, we recommend small 60*70 cm (from 50 microns) polyethylene bags, which can be easily periodically discarded, and not stored at home until filled. They are cheap, therefore, they are as economical and hygienic as possible – the waste in them does not decompose from long storage and does not "perfume" the kitchen.

       For cleaning after repairs, collecting large industrial waste, we recommend using bags with a size starting with 70*110 cm and a thickness starting with 50 microns.

       For seasonal storage of things, packing and transportation of goods when moving, it is better to order bags with a size of 90*150 cm. They are very strong (from 50 microns), can bear heavy weight and hold a significant volume.

Colored garbage bags MPAK

Material density

       The manufacturer makes branded polyethylene garbage bags from films of different quality and properties:

1. LDPE - Low Density Polyethylene 

is a low density, high pressure polyethylene. It is strong, elastic, smooth to the touch, glossy. Due to these properties of the material, LDPE bags are more dense, stretch well and do not tear even at sharp corners of the contents.

2. HDPE - High Density Polyethylene

is a high density low pressure polyethylene. Bags from this matte and slightly rustling material are quite firm. They practically do not stretch, have high carrying capacity, but are very easy to pierce. Therefore, not recommended for collecting angular, often sharp-edged construction waste.   

Custom products

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mus-35l-50st-min.jpeg mus-35l-30st-min.jpeg mus-35l-50st-min.jpeg  
mus-35l-100st-min.jpeg mus-super-35l-100st-min.jpeg     
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Caring for the future of the planet

       Conscious consumption and care for the environment are the main global trends. Humanity can no longer refuse to use polyethylene, because it is the most convenient and practical material. However, we can all easily reduce the burden on the environment and not harm nature if we switch to biodegradable garbage packages. Their appearance does not differ from that of the ordinary ones. But, whereas the traditional ones stay in the ground for up to 200 years, then eco garbage packages completely decompose in 2-3 years.

       Therefore, we have established the production of garbage bags that do not kill wildlife, do not pollute shores of rivers, seas and oceans.

Best deal

       You can order wholesale garbage packages from the producer from us without intermediary surcharge and seller markup. Low producer prices, excellent quality, flexographic printing of pattern, logo – we always offer the best conditions.

       Our production is located in Ukraine. There are regional offices in the city of Kyiv and Dnipro. Free delivery to any other regions and cities (Kharkiv, Odesa, Lviv, etc.).

       Looking forward to work together!

If you have any questions, you can contact our managers