Interested in the process of manufacturing plastic bags? Want to know why these unique products are in such great demand? Read the new section of our site about all the most important and interesting.

       Here we will talk about what ordinary T-shirt bags, biodegradable bags and sacks are made of. About all the difficulties of production and technological features of the process. You will learn how to select special materials, how carefully the entire production process is monitored. How many employees are involved in the manufacturing process of one order.

       Our Ukrainian manufacturing company does not keep secrets from its customers. In this website section, you can learn the most useful and, at the same time, interesting information. In each article, we cover topics that will tell you about the process of manufacturing plastic bags and films, features of our products.

       Furthermore, here you can read about innovative production technologies that are just being introduced, about ecologically and environmentally friendly packages, about catalog expansion, and much more. And also about the awards, nominations and achievements received by our company for the entire period of its existence.

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