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       You will find a lot of useful information about plastic bags, equipment and packaging production technology on our website. The publications cover a wide range of topics that relate to the industry of modern packaging materials.

News and articles

       In the Articles section, we publish the most interesting materials and news from the world of packaging products. Picture types of plastic bags

You will find various information on our website:

  1. What methods of film extrusion exist, what is the difference between flat-slot die extrusion and blown sleeve extrusion, what is canvas, half-sleeve and sleeve.
  2. Operating principle of the film extruder and its scope.
  3. World history of packaging industry and latest branding trends.
  4. What types of bag making machines exist, how a side welded seam or a bottom seam is obtained, how bags are reinforced to increase load capacity.
  5. What biodegradable bags are, how they differ from the common ones, how to use them, how to store them correctly.
  6. Who invented food film, where it is used, how it evolved over the course of its existence.
  7. Modern technologies for the production of plastic bags: from good old traditions to amazing innovations.
  8. Industry marketing: how packaging materials can help you sell more products faster and more often.
  9. What plastic bags are, what each type is intended for.
  10. Interesting facts from the professional packaging world, which usually remain behind the scenes.
  11. Main types of plastic bags, what T-shirt bag and banana bag are, why they got such names. Which design is more suitable for gift wrapping, advertising campaigns.
  12. Processing and second life of an ordinary bag. How new packaging, building materials, fences and much more... are obtained from garbage.
  13. History of production development, achievements and awards of «MPAK».
  14. Why our products receive the highest marks from experts, etc.

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       Thanks to this information you will learn more about plastic packaging, it will help you choose bags for packing bulk products, fruits and vegetables, textile products, bags for transporting hand luggage or collecting household and industrial waste, bags for construction waste.

Answers to frequently asked questions

In the FAQ section, we have collected answers to questions most frequently asked by our customers:
  1. What is flexographic printing and what are photopolymer clichés done for.
  2. How to get the exact color of print with only 6 basic colors available.
  3. Why does production cost depend on circulation.
  4. How many copies does the customer receive when ordering a batch of a certain volume.
  5. Why does the manufacturer not give the custom-made photopolymer printing plates.
  6. How to order packages from manufacturer in bulk with delivery at our expense, etc.

You can see typical questions and answers to them in the section Question-answer.

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