Professional Glory of Ukraine 2009

Medal Professional Glory of Ukraine 2009 of Petrovskyi G.V. -1
Medal Professional Glory of Ukraine 2009 of Petrovskyi G.V. -1

       A Professional Glory of Ukraine medal is a worthy assessment of any personal achievements in the field of work. For highly productive work and professionalism, the head of the company was awarded this honorary award in 2009. Petrovskyi H. V. made a significant contribution to the successful development of the enterprise, which provides customers with the best quality products.

Enterprise performance assessment

       Branded bags and films of our production are safe to use, meet high environmental and resource conservation requirements. Thanks to professionalism and experience of leading manager, clear and well-coordinated work of labor team, the company's products are delivered at competitive prices, are highly valued in the market for their excellent performance and ensure the company's prosperity for many decades.

       The repeated positive assessment of the activity of V. H. Petrovskyi in the independent and objective International Economic Rating League of the Best only confirms the efficiency of one of the main employees and correctness of the chosen direction in the field of production and sale of branded films and bags. It is worth noting that the history of the manufacturing company lists many other awards.

       Our company is a reliable partner and leading brand with an excellent reputation!

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