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Loop handle packages (loop package)

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Polyethylene:LDPE, MDPE, HDPE
Dimensions:20*30 - 74*50 cm
Upper cuff:6 - 8 cm.
Bag bottom:1 - 10 cm.
Thickness:50 - 120 μm
Film color:to order
Print type:1 - 6 colors, 6+6
Production:up to 14 days
Prices are low:quality is high

Special features:

- increase in loading capacity due to upper cuff;
- large capacity due to bottom fold;
- low-deforming advertising field;
- multiple use due to retained shape.

Loop handle package - the most durable advertising medium

       Dense loop handle packages is one of the most effective advertising media. Made from high quality LDPE, MDPE or HDPE polyethylene with additives by extrusion method. The resulting activated sleeve is flexoprinted – with logo or pattern. Next, handles are welded on, an upper cuff is possible to increase strength and bottom of the package.

       It turned out that consumers appreciate their durability and convenience. After all, a loop package can last 5-10 times longer than a T-shirt bag. Therefore, advertising specialists consider polyethylene branded loop handle packages to be VIP packaging and recommend using it as a cheap and effective advertising medium.

       We have launched a large-scale mass production of loop handle packages in Ukraine. You can choose in the catalog and buy finished bags with any pattern or order loop handle packages with logo, your product advertisement, thematic image, congratulations on the holiday. 

Note: need for bottom fold and reinforcement of handles by back weld of extra film to handles – upper cuff – is agreed additionally.

Choosing packaging products by characteristics

«MPAK» makes loop handle packages from the following materials:

  • LDPE - the best polyethylene for the loop. It provides dense bags with beautiful shine, where any pattern applied by flexography looks great. They are also used for silk-screen printing, for full-color printing.
  • HDPE - more suitable for a T-shirt, with matte shade and inherent rustling sound.
  • MDPE - a mixture of LDPE and HDPE. This polyethylene is more elastic than HDPE, more tensile than LDPE.

Loop packages of any size can be ordered:

  • 20х30 – good for packing underwear, jewelry and bijouterie, and other small goods;
  • 30x40 - medium size that can be used for small gifts (sweets, tea, coffee, etc.).
  • 40x50 - standard size, which is good for shopping;
  • 50x60 - a large bag with good volume and carrying capacity.

Most often, white packages are used for printing, we can also make transparent or colored ones to order.

       You can choose width of the top cuff (6-8 cm) and size of the bottom fold (1-10 cm). Or let us know the parameters you are interested in for estimate.

       We offer biodegradable loop handle packages, which can become a bright element of your advertising campaign. If you are promoting eco-friendly products (for example, bio laundry powder, cosmetics without dyes and parabens, yogurt without preservatives and sugar), then we recommend paying attention to these products.

Sample package with soft plastic handle

Production of loop handle packages in Ukraine

Production cycle at the plant is clearly organized and adjusted to the smallest detail.

  1. Production begins its “way to the consumer” from extruder workshop. Raw materials (pelletized polyethylene), various additives and fillers that give the material certain properties are supplied here. Dyes are also added here, which make it possible to make a colored film. All of these ingredients are mixed in the extruder and heated to a viscous state. Plastic mass is fed to the forming hole of the extruder. After passing through the slotted hole, polyethylene is obtained in the form of a sleeve at the exit. Then this blank is stretched with air to the desired size.
  2. The next step is printing on flexographic machines.
  3. Further, the sleeve or half-sleeve enters the package-making workshop, where it is cut and welded by a special device. Automation calculates finished product and puts it in bundles.

       That is the way high quality packages with printing are obtained. They can be small or large, for example, 74x50 cm - for courier or postal service packing - a loop with a reinforced plastic handle and a solid bottom. Therefore, you can contact us with any question or suggestion - we have our own production and we can easily adapt to the needs of the customer.

Standard sizes, cm

How to use a loop handle package

Consumers, companies and stores alike love to use this type of product. And each of them for their own purposes.

Usage option of loop package by consumers:

  • tote bag for purchases;
  • capacious and presentable container for carry-on luggage, which you can take with you on a trip, take it as a bag to work, to study;
  • gift wrapping;
  • bag for storing things, etc.

Loop bag for supermarkets, stores, markets:

  • showing concern of the client, who often requests this type of packaging;
  • source of additional income.

For companies:

Beautiful polyethylene loop handle package is an effective and bright advertising medium.

It can be used for: 

  • functional advertising (sale of a specific product or service):
  • image advertising (increasing brand awareness and customer loyalty). It works for the future and is never forgotten. Who doesn't remember “The Choice of a New Generation” or “Don`t stop! Grab a Snickers!”
  • Packaging for corporate gifts for partners, clients.

Sample package with hard plastic handle

Promotions. There are several options here:

  • loop bag with logo as a souvenir;
  • sandwich board man for a promotion, for example with branding, information about discounts and gifts;
  • promotional branded promotional packaging for a bonus product, which is given for free when buying the core product, etc.
       More evidence can be named that it is worth ordering loop handle packages for a promotion. They work great and allow you to introduce the consumer to your brand, product or service.

Print placement examples 

A few words about the benefits of «MPAK» products

Loop handle packages that we produce have many advantages:

  • high carrying capacity;
  • effective and presentable appearance;
  • long life;
  • high-quality multicolor flexoprinting, photoprinting;
  • waterproofness;
  • safe cling film;
  • functionality;
versatile usage options, etc. 

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Conditions for cooperating with us

  1. You can wholesale buy cheap loop bags with different patterns for a point of sale, gift wrapping, etc.
  2. We accept orders for production of branded loop bag with logo, advertising, information about promotion.
  3. You can order through the feedback form on the website, by phone, or in person meeting with our representatives in Kyiv and Dnipro.
  4. We accept orders from any cities of Ukraine and send products by mail to Kharkiv, Odesa, Lviv, Dnipro, etc. We deliver to customer's warehouse, shore, office.
  5. In Kyiv, orders are delivered by courier service.
  6. Delivery to any locality is free, we cover all carrier costs ourselves.

Looking forward to your orders!

If you have any questions, you can contact our managers