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       Manufacturing company has many certificates issued by relevant authorities and national associations for certain types of merit. The presence of special documents is a direct confirmation of individual achievements of the enterprise in the domestic market.

Company certificates

       The company has a large number of personal and general awards. Each certificate is issued taking into account production performance in the domestic market. Several key awards can be marked:

  • personal certificate to Director Petrovskyi G. V. Issued in 2009 for professional management of the enterprise; 
  • 2010 national certificate. Issued for 3rd place among best manufacturers of polyethylene products;
  • 2011 national certificate. The company is recognized best manufacturer of plastic bags;
  • 2012 national certificate. The company took 1st place in the ranking of best manufacturers of plastic bags and 12th place in the KVED list;
  • personal certificate issued in 2013 to the best head of the company Petrovskyi H. V.;
  • 2014 national certificate. The manufacturing company has once again proved its superiority in the domestic market.

The main list of awards confirms success and prospects of the enterprise. The presence of certificates speaks that the company is developing rapidly and is improving its position in the domestic market. Therefore, the company for a long time remains in the lists of best manufacturers of polyethylene products.