National certificate 2014

Национальный сертификат 2014 Петровского Г.В. -1

       In 2014, the director of the enterprise Petrovskyi G. V. was awarded a national certificate, which confirms leadership in the domestic market of Ukraine. The company is developing rapidly. The company is actively increasing production, increasing work efficiency and labor performance.

       First place among manufacturing companies is a key indicator of success of applying an individual development strategy.

Key figures of the enterprise

       Petrovskyi G. V. is one of the leaders of a large industrial enterprise that specializes in manufacture of polyethylene products. The director went all the way from storekeeper to managerial position. During his time at the enterprise, Petrovskyi G. V. learned well all the nuances and features of the company’s organization. Significant experience and professional skills allowed him to develop the most effective and correct strategy for development of the enterprise. In 2014, the leader received a personal national certificate of Ukraine Leader of the Year.

Company potential and prospects

       The leader Petrovskyi G. V. made his best to ensure that the company has improved its performance today. At the moment, the industrial enterprise has managed to attract many investments. The company demonstrates excellent financial, labor and production performance, which contributes to growth of competitiveness in the Ukrainian market.

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