Leader of the year of Ukraine 2013

Certificate 2013 of Petrovskyi G.V. -1

       In 2013, Gennadii Vasyliovych Petrovskyi was awarded the honorary certificate Manager of the Year for the effective management of a production company. Nominees and winners in the nomination are selected by experts of the International Rating Company League of the Best together with representatives of the World Council of the Chamber of Commerce and the Committee for Economic Development.

History and awards from the League of the Best

       Since 2009, the League of the Best has officially represented in Ukraine a group of international companies that record and assess activities of enterprises in more than 54 countries of the world. In 2012, the organization joined the International Rating Association (Hong Kong) and presents its own patented awards certified by a number of foreign analytical partner companies.

The purpose of the awards from the League of the Best are:

  • identify best companies and best specialists in Ukraine;
  • help build and consolidate the impeccable reputation of Ukrainian enterprises;
  • unite Ukrainian professionals into a common business circle;
  • organize an entrepreneurial coalition as a basis for future generations.

Since 2013, awards have been produced under the control of Standard Chartered Rating GmbH, Germany.

Director Petrovskyi G. V. – best leader in 2013 according to the League of the Best

       When choosing the best leader of the year, professional and personal qualities of the nominee, his active social position, and ability to manage a company in different economic conditions are taken into account. The ability to think strategically and make promising decisions are also included.

       The Leader 2013 certificate ​​is an important milestone in the career of Petrovskyi H. V., it is a sign of his invaluable personal contribution to the history of the company. It expresses public recognition and gratitude for fruitful work of the manager. The award testifies to high professionalism of Hennadii Vasyliovych in his field and increases his business reputation as the head of the enterprise.

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