National certificate 2011

Certificate 2011 of Petrovskyi G.V. -1

       The national certificate was issued in 2011 to Petrovskyi G. V., who was recognized best leader of the year. The director of the production company managed to bring the company to a new level. The success is due to the presence of a competent development strategy, a rapid increase in the volume of products for sale and increased labor productivity.

Best enterprise 2011

       During his tenure as a manager, he managed to improve significantly rating of the enterprise in the domestic market. In 2011, the company took 1st place among best manufacturers of plastic bags in the industry. Introduction of new technologies, proper organization of workflow and rational approach to financial issues are key success factors. The company is recognized the best for net profit, staff productivity, high and stable wages.

Leading market positions

       Moreover, in 2011, the enterprise manufacturing polyethylene products took 19th place in the overall KVED rating (production of profiles, plates, pipes and stacks from plastics). The national certificate confirms high professionalism of leadership and competitiveness of the enterprise in the Ukrainian market.

       Today, the company is increasing the volume of its products, as well as expanding the range of polyethylene products. After all, customer satisfaction is the main criterion for a company’s development policy.

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