Leader of the year of Ukraine 2009

Certificate 2009 of Petrovskyi G.V. -1

       Experts of the League of the Best international rating agency presented an award to Gennadii Vasyliovych Petrovskyi.

       The honorary certificate Manager 2009 was another testament to high professionalism of head of the company, which earned the Enterprise of the Year title. The agency is a member of the international association IRA and a permanent partner of the German audit organization SCR. The purpose of the association is to consolidate managers of large companies, increase business culture, improve legislative framework and formation of the business elite.

Personal example

       Gennadii Petrovskyi has gone from a storekeeper to a manager in 8 years. The success of the company is largely based on the personal desire of a respected manager to improve production process, develop partnerships, investment activity, create an impeccable image of the company in the industry market. Auditors mark the following achievements of the brand:
  • formation of corporate ideology;
  • effective competition;
  • creating a strong partnership environment;
  • application of innovative technologies;
  • access to new markets;
  • creating a recognizable brand.

The leader has become a role model for company employees and a reliable partner for consumers of products.

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