Industry leader 2014

Medal Industry leader 2014-2

       In 2014, we entered the NBR TOP rating again. The company was awarded an honorary Branch Leader title, received a medal and a corresponding certificate, which contains information about position in the rating and is an integral part of the award set.

How it works

       For 15 years now, the NBR Union has been conducting independent assessments, based on which a rating of the best is made and an award ceremony is held. The main goal of these events is to provide information support to business, create healthy competition, motivate managers and specialists of enterprises to new achievements.

       As candidates for the TOP leaders, hundreds of thousands of enterprises are considered, classified by field of activity, size, form of ownership and registration location. The work of applicants is analyzed by an independent expert group.

What are the assessment criteria

The best are determined on the basis of scientifically sound techniques. The most important indicators are:

  • Profitability and financial success. Efficiency. Openness to the state, partners.
  • Business activity. Contribution to the country's economy and development of its industry.

What it means for us

       Our company views being at the top of the authoritative NBR rating as an incentive for further development. To stay on top, we work hard and continue to grow.

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