Enterprise of the year 2013

Medal Enterprise of the year 2013-1

       The company was recognized the best manufacturer of polyethylene products in 2013. Proper organization of production allows the company to reach a new level of development. With the balanced policy of conducting financial and economic activities, the industrial company managed to take first place in the ranking of enterprises producing plastic bags in Ukraine.

Well-deserved award for quality

       The industrial enterprise is rapidly increasing its turnover. Today, the company is officially recognized one of the leading companies in the domestic market. Range of its products includes most popular polyethylene products, including bags with die cut and loop handles, garbage and biodegradable bags, liners, sacks, films and roll packaging. Good workmanship contributes to growth in sales volumes. In 2013, the company took 19th place in the overall KVED rating (production of pipes, plates, profiles and plastics).

Expanding prospects of the enterprise

       The enterprise is deservedly recognized the best in the domestic market of Ukraine. Among similar industries, the company was distinguished by its stable wages, net profit and high labor performance. In 2013, it managed to increase the record volume of polyethylene output. Thanks to the performance, specialists and managers were able to achieve success, which attracted a lot of investments. Therefore, the company confidently holds first place in the ranking of the best among manufacturers of plastic bags.

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