Industry leader 2012

Medal Industry leader 2012-1

       In 2012, the company received an honorable first place among best domestic manufacturers of plastic bags. This award has helped to improve economic performance and the overall ranking of the business. According to leading industry experts, the company not only managed to increase its own production volumes, but also demonstrated a significant improvement in the quality of its products.

Main products and quality

       The company carries out large-scale production of various polyethylene products, which are used in various industries. Among the most popular products can be distinguished bags like T-shirts, sacks, film, bags with die cut handles and biodegradable bags. The company has earned a positive rating and took 12th place in the KVED list, which drew even more attention to the products.

Industry Leader 2012

       In 2012, the company demonstrated fairly high liquidity and profitability figures. The company was distinguished by a rapid increase in the scale of its own production. Also, the industrial enterprise showed good solvency. Given the high social and economic indicators, we managed to improve investment attractiveness. Thanks to this award, the company attracted third-party investors, which positively influenced further development. Therefore, first place among manufacturers of plastic bags is an extremely important and valuable achievement.

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