Industry leader 2010

Medal Industry leader 2010-1

       The Industry Leader 2010 award was presented to the company for its award-winning place in the National Business Ranking held by the Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry. The reputable manufacturer of plastic bags has earned the consumers’ recognition and received high praise from the staff of the Committee for the Country’s Economic Development. The program involved more than 200,000 domestic enterprises with active financial reporting for a certain period of activity. Data for calculating points in pre-determined areas are taken from the official indicators of the State Statistics Service.

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       The company is actively developing and improving production technology. The enterprise with an impeccable reputation is proud of the professionalism of its employees. The financial success of the brand is the result of a correctly chosen strategy, competent and thoughtful management, and a constant desire to create comfortable conditions for its partners. Important criteria for the work of the company are the following:

  • high quality bags and other polyethylene products;
  • an impressive selection of shades and types of material;
  • free development of layout and material delivery;
  • prompt execution of orders;
  • competitive cost of products.

       NBR experts note the particular success of the enterprise in the field of production productivity, impressive volumes of sales of goods, creation of a decent level of wages and achievement of high net profit indicators. The 2010 award was an incentive for even more successful growth and safe lead in the industry in the next reporting period.

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