Over the years, successful activity of one of the leading Ukrainian manufacturers was marked by medals. One of the first such awards was the Enterprise 2009 medal, which was an excellent incentive for further development, desire to improve, and expanding boundaries of possible and impossible.

Recognition of virtues as an incentive and inspiration for work

       Expert recognition helped the company to show excellent results in subsequent years. Financial success and strong leadership were marked by the medals Industry Leader 2010, Industry Leader 2011, Industry Leader 2012. These awards are awarded for an award-winning place in the National Business Rating, as proof that the manufacturer is recognized the best in its field. The company improves its technology for manufacture of plastic bags and films, pays special attention to the professionalism of employees, guarantees high quality products, as evidenced by the awards won.

       The results of competent management, efficient business and financial activities, right development strategy and providing numerous consumers with high-quality goods speak for themselves. In 2013, the company was again recognized the best manufacturer of polyethylene products, which is confirmed by the Enterprise 2013 medal. The next year, the company re-entered the National Business Rating, having received an honorary title Industry Leader 2014.

       The company is confidently looking to the future, and therefore is ready not only to confirm its leadership position strongly, but also to take new heights.