For high professionalism 2014

Medal For high professionalism 2014 of Petrovskyi G.V. -1
Medal For high professionalism 2014 of Petrovskyi G.V. -1

       Petrovskyi G. V. is one of the employees of a company that is engaged in industrial production of polyethylene products. Hennadii Petrovskyi made his best to increase production efficiency of the enterprise. This highly qualified specialist has worked in the production area since 2000. Over the years of working together, we managed to create a competitive, profitable and fairly versatile enterprise.

Professional Development Award

       In 2014, Hennadii Petrovskyi was awarded a For High Professionalism medal, which is given exclusively to experienced, productive and qualified specialists. A special certificate confirms the presence of upscale skills in the position. Indeed, thanks also to Petrovskyi G. V. the company managed to reach a new level of its development.

       Every day, the company produces thousands of polyethylene products. The company maintains cooperation with businesses in various fields. Moreover, the company was recognized best in the Ukrainian market. Systematically, the company occupies a leading position in ratings and statistics.

Rapid development and prospects

       Significant personal contribution to development of manufacturing enterprise organized the work process. At the same time, key performance indicators contribute to attracting new domestic investment.

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