Professional of the Industry 2012

Medal Professional of the Industry 2012 of Petrovskyi G.V. -1
Medal Professional of the Industry 2012 of Petrovskyi G.V. -1

       An Industry Professional order is awarded to heads of leading industry companies. It is provided for certain achievements that contribute to prosperity of company; for effective corporate governance; for a constructive approach in solving business tasks; for a significant contribution to development of the industry and the country's economy as a whole; for high professionalism.

       This award was presented in 2012 to Gennadii Vasyliovych Petrovskyi, head of our enterprise. His proper organization of financial and economic activities of the company contributed to continued gradual growth of production, as well as increased profitability and financial performance of the enterprise. The priorities of Petrovskyi H. V. always are:

  • innovative equipment of production;
  • high quality standards;
  • development of unique technologies;
  • expansion of production capacities;
  • motivation of employees to new achievements;
  • environmental friendliness and operational reliability of manufactured products.

       Today MPAK is a Ukrainian brand with a modern technical base, the success of which is seen in everything. By releasing high-quality packaging material, which is designed to preserve functional and aesthetic characteristics of the product, as well as to deliver innovative supply to consumer, the company is working steadily and is expanding its capabilities. The activities of the company as well as its leaders have repeatedly received prestigious awards.

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