Order of Business Glory 2010

Order of Business Glory 2010 of Petrovskyi G.V. -1
Order of Business Glory 2010 of Petrovskyi G.V. -1

Business Glory order and award documents to it

       The Business Glory order is awarded to laureates of the National Business Rating, each of whom, being a founder, owner or successful manager of a company, has made and continues to make a significant contribution to economic development of Ukraine. As a rule, this high-profile award is preceded by the honorary Businessman of the Year title.

       Upon awarding, an order book consisting of one broadside is issued. One of its pages contains the following information:

- type of distinguishing mark;

- name of the order;

- detailed image and number.

       On the other, data about last name, first name and patronymic of the person presented for the award are placed, his merits are described, and full name of the person responsible for the award is also indicated.

In addition, a merit certificate may be issued, with the following information on its cover side:

- logo of the National Business Rating;

- name of the document and information on the reasons for its issuance to the laureate;

- last name, first name, patronymic of the laureate and a short message that he is awarded a high-profile award Business Glory order;

- positions, last names and first names of responsible persons;

- year and venue of the national competition.

Brief descriptive characteristic of the Business Glory order.

Business Glory order is an eight-pointed star formed by silver-colored rays.

       The center of this award resembles the sun with golden rays stylized as climbing branches. Finally, in the very heart, there is a map of Ukraine framed by three circles. The first of them contains the words “Order” and “Business Glory”. On the second, there is an ornament of small rings with crosses inside placed. Finally, the third one is a kind of gilded spiral, each curl of which is surrounded by a miniature oval.

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