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Personal awards

       We work not for awards, but for positive results of our customers. Why then do we need awards? They help us understand whether we are moving in the right direction. We are proud that Hennadii Vasyliovych Petrovskyi received honorary awards emphasizing his professionalism.

       Gennadii Petrovskyi has worked in the industry since 2000. His titles and skills help the company achieve more. The company is becoming an increasingly versatile, efficient and profitable enterprise.

During the work, Hennadii Vasyliovych received the following awards:

  • For High Professionalism, 2014;
  • Respect of Ukraine, 2013;
  • Industry Professional, 2012;
  • III degree Star of Ukrainian economy, 2011;
  • Business Glory order, 2010;
  • Professional Glory of Ukraine, 2009.

       Each of these awards speaks that talented and productive specialists work in our team. We do not stand still, but constantly come up with how to provide our customers with a better result.

       We show these awards so that you know that our company can be trusted. Each of our specialists does everything possible to implement more and more daring projects each day. And these efforts are appreciated not only by our customers, but also by professional communities.